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If you wish to make a donation to the makers of this film project, you may do so in two ways:

Debit Card, Credit Card, or Pay Pal:

Check or Money Order:
Payable to: Merola Productions

Mail to:
Merola Productions
PO Box 1044
Santa Monica, CA 90406

Please note: Any donation sent to us would be applied for helping to sustain this film series and the film's website.

Donations to us will go to help keep this project alive, and thus create more Critical Mass Awareness, which is the key component to help these medicines reach the general public without further bureaucratic obstruction.

Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted.

However, 20 DVDs of "Burzynski, the Movie" will be given to those making donations of $175.00 or more (free shipping).

Donations of $400.00 or more will receive 20 DVD copies of "Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business, Part II" (free shipping on July 1, 2013). (This new DVD will retail on Amazon July 1, 2013 for $29.95, plus shipping—a $600.00 value for only $400.00 + free shipping).

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(2013) Part II - DVD / On Demand

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Part I - DVD & On Demand

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"Burzynski" Director releases 3rd film (2014)

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