Take Action - Host A Screening

The first step in any paradigm-shift is public awareness. The only way that the political and medical establishment will heed to the approval of Antineoplastons is when the majority of the public stands up and demands it. The freedom to choose Antineoplastons over conventional chemotherapy or radiation should be your choice, not the establishment's. This obstacle will never move by standing idle and waiting for the establishment to move. The establishment will not change unless the public forces it to change. The establishment belongs to you, remember?

The safety and efficacy of Antineoplastons is not currently being contested by the medical establishment—what is being contested is your civil rights. The freedom to be able to choose the cancer treatment of your choice is a civil rights issue. No different than Rosa Parks refusing to leave her seat on the bus in 1955... we the people need to educate ourselves and others—and force this change to occur.

Never have positive changes in civil rights just "happened"—we the people forced it to happen.

We are a long way from this change mainly due to the general public being oblivious to the existence of Dr. Burzynski and his discovery. One way to alter this is by hosting a screening in your community.

If you would like to host a screening of this film in a local theater, community center, or other venue in your area please read the following:

Step One: Find a venue and a date and get this approved by us.

(a venue that seats a minimum of 50 people is recommended).

Most "independent theaters" offer a rental option to rent the theater for an evening. Other places such as community centers, high school and college university auditoriums make great venues. Your first step is to find a venue in your area that seats at least a minimum of 50 people and is equipped with a DVD player and projection system. If you end up renting a theater, ideally you should get a return on your investment by profit from ticket sales—but you have to promote it it well to do so.

Step Two: Upon approval from us, you book the venue, and we can provide the following materials to you for an "at cost" fee or you print them yourself on your own (editable photoshop art below):

(The following is optional, you are not required to purchase promotional materials, but we highly recommend it - all promotional materials are "at cost" - we do not profit from these materials). If you have your own means of printing promotional materials, we can also provide you with the necessary art to do so.

1. One thousand+ full-color promotional postcards. We will provide you with one thousand 4" x 6" postcards with your event printed on both sides. These are commonly placed in businesses and other high traffic areas in your town. (1,000 color postcards with black and white back: $75.00 + shipping / 5,000 postcards: $150.00 + shipping)

Click here for a sample postcard. Click here for a photoshop file of this postcard you can edit yourself

2. Twenty-five+ full-color promotional posters. We will provide you with twenty-five 12.25" x 17.25" posters with your event printed on it. These are commonly placed in businesses and other high traffic areas in your town. (25 color posters: $35.00 + shipping)

Click here for a sample poster. Click here for a photoshop file of this poster you can edit yourself

3. Up to five printed press kits and DVD screeners for the local press. Aside from placing postcards and posters around your town, it's always a good idea to reach out to the local press - to allow them to write about or publish the event. We will provide you with an official press kit/press release tailored for your event. You either mail or email these to any members of the press that might be interested. We recommend contacting local newspapers and radio. Often the press will want to see a "screener" DVD copy of the film, we will provide you with up to five DVD screeners. Whenever possible, we will also do our best to reach out to the press in your area.

This can be particularly effective if we are able to locate former or current patients of Dr. Burzynski in your area. Having patients attend the screening and participate in a Q&A afterwards is a great way to attract the press in your area.

Click here for a sample press kit.

4. Two copies of the film on DVD. We will provide two theatrical DVDs for the event itself (one is simply a back-up).

5. The event will be advertised on our web site and email list. We will advertise your event on this web site with all pertinent information and links. We will also include the event in an email blast to our subscribers.

Click here for past examples.

6. A beautifully designed email with images and links for you to send to your own email contacts. We will prepare an email that you can tailor and forward to your own email list.

7. Wholesale DVDs to sell at the screening. We will offer DVDs at wholesale for anyone hosting a screening. The wholesale price is $7.00 per DVD (minimum order of 20) and retails for $13.99. If you plan on ordering more than 100 DVDs, the wholesale price is $5.00 each. We can also provide you with order forms where people can purchase the DVD direct from us, and a sign up sheet for the mailing list.

We recommend starting this process at least one month before the proposed event. We need a minimum of two weeks to provide you with printed promotional materials.

Step Three: Host the Event.

To begin the approval process to host a screening of "Burzynski, the Movie", please do the following:




1. Find a venue (you must be responsible for booking the venue).

2. Email us here.

3. Type "Host a Screening" in the subject line.

4. Include the following: Name of the venue, city and state of venue, contact information of venue, and proposed date.

If you wish to have director Eric Merola attend the screening and participate in a Q&A afterward, let us know. We can't always promise that Mr. Merola's schedule will allow him to attend, but if it works within his schedule and you were able to provide airfare and one night hotel, Eric Merola will be there.