Kelsey Hill - Adrenal, Lung, & Liver Cancer

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At six months old, on September 1, 2005 Kelsey was diagnosed with cancer of the adrenal gland with at least six additional tumors that had spread into her lungs. By February 2006 her cancer had continued to spread into her liver.

The tumor in her adrenal gland was successfully removed with surgery, resulting in the loss of her left adrenal gland and left kidney. Her family was informed by the oncologists at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center that the only treatment available to address Kelsey's cancer that had metastasized was chemotherapy.

The chemotherapy offered to treat Kelsey Hill was a combination of Mitotane (a chemotherapy that has no peer-reviewed histological studies to demonstrate it's effectiveness or safety in children [Mayo clinic]), Doxorubicin (side effects include: leukemia, heart failure, infertility, vomiting, and mouth sores [ACS] —this chemotherapy has been poetically nick-named by doctors as "Red Death" [How Doctors Think]), Etoposide (side effects include: leukemia, nerve damage, inability to fight infections, and vomiting [ACS]), and Cisplatin (side effects include: kidney damage, hearing damage, nerve damage, infertility, and vomiting [ACS]).

While researching the chemotherapeutic agents M.D. Anderson was offering Kelsey, they noticed that the most recent FDA-approved chemotherapy they offered was Doxorubicin—which was approved in December of 1987. Etoposide was approved in 1983, and Cisplatin was approved in 1978. The oldest drug they wanted to give Kelsey was Mitotane, a derivative of the insecticide "DDT", approved in July of 1970. (You can view a list of other off-patent oncology drugs here).

Steven Hill: "I realized, this isn't the cutting edge of technology, they are giving us the same old stuff".

Sarah Hill: "They told us admittedly—this is the most toxic regimen that we have. We have a six-month old with one kidney, and the side effects were kidney failure, leukemia—other kinds of cancers. I thought, even if she is going to pass away, I can't do this to her."

Steven Hill: "If she only has nine months to live anyway, and we come to the Burzynski Clinic and there aren't all these side effects—which are we going to be better off doing—if the end result is going to be the same anyway? I didn't want to watch my daughter whither away from chemo... I wanted whatever time we had left with her to be as happy as can be."

As of 2010, Kelsey Hill is a healthy cancer-free 5 year old—after being treated with antineoplastons.

1. Diagnosis: A September 2005 pathology report from M.D. Anderson Cancer Center confirmed the diagnosis of a 10 cm tumor in Kelsey's adrenal gland. Upon the removal of Kelsey's left kidney and left adrenal gland, her diagnosis was also confirmed by a pathology report from the University of Texas Medical Branch. On October 5, 2005 a CT scan performed by M.D. Anderson revealed that her cancer had metastasized into her lungs. Shortly after starting antineoplaston treatment, Kelsey's cancer had spread into her liver. 

2. Recovery: Kelsey began antineoplaston treatment on October 26, 2005. By August of 2007 the tumor in her liver was gone. Watch CT scan video of Kelsey's liver from 2009 here. After three and a half years of antineoplaston treatment, all of the cancerous tumors in Kelsey's lungs disappeared. Watch CT scan video from 10/21/05 showing tumors present in her lungs before treatment here. CT scans of lungs after treatment here. The full record of her tumor measurements can be seen here [PDF all].

3. Survival Rates and Incidence: To learn more about adrenal cancer, visit the University of Michigan's website here. For information on survival rates go here.

Kelsey Hill's medical records are published by written authorization by her parents Steve and Sarah Hill.

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